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Who am I?

My name is Keith Malone and I live in Bedford, Bedfordshire. I started working in photography when I was 17 doing a Saturday job as a proof printer for a wedding photgraphy company - in those days it was all Black & White! After 'A' Levels I joined Kodak as a Technical Correspondent and enrolled at Harrow College of Technology & Art on the Advanced General Photography Course. This lasted for 5 years and I left with my City & Guilds Diploma. I have recently added the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers' Qualification of Licentiate standard. This was achieved by submitting 20 portraits for judging by top, Fellowship level, SWPP photographers who all must pass them as being of a "sellable and high professional standard".

Over the years I have worked both for myself and a variety of other companies. Roles (in alphabetical order) include account manager, digital image retoucher, lecturer, marketing manager, photographer, prof lab manager, trouble-shooter. So I have a wide experience of business life and can often relate to operational needs and stresses.

So if you have any photographic problems, you can talk to me - I am a "doctor" after all!

How do I operate?

Simple really, just phone or e-mail me and we can talk about it.

If it's photographs you need taking, tell me what and where the subject is and what you plan to do with the images. For retouching work, e-mail me with an attached picture file, preferrably in low resolution, telling me what changes you would like done.

I can then estimate the time needed to do the job and so quote a price to you. Once I have quoted a price for a job it is fixed - I won't come back after doing the work saying it took longer so is more expensive. So if you are quoting your client, you can be confident of the cost to you.

Once the work is done I will e-mail to you low resolution image files for your acceptance. Assuming the job is OK you can then pay the agreed price by credit card, debit card or PayPal on my web site's "Contact Me" page and I will forward the full resolution image to you. If you also need hard copy prints to be made, I am happy to arrange that as well.

Panoramic scene made from several location photos.