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How to shrink large picture files for e-mailing.

If you have a large picture file (lets say greater than 2Mb) for which you need a quote, you may have difficulty in e-mailing it to me. If so you need to reduce it's size, and the following information will help you do this:-

On your PC you should have Microsoft Paint software which will allow you to resave the file as a smaller JPEG file. Print this page and then give the following instructions a try. Any problems - give me a call.

Microsoft Paint is found by clicking on the "Start" button at the bottom left of your screen; in the new menu click on "All Programs"; in the new menu click on "Accessories" and in the new sub menu click on "Paint". In that program click on "File" and then "Open" in the drop down menu. Click on the "Look in" drop down menu and open the file located where you saved it. Then click on "File" again and select "Save As". At the bottom of the new window click on the "Save as type" drop down menu and select "JPEG". Then click the "Save" button. (A new window may appear allowing the file to be saved at different qualities - if it does move the slider until "8" appears in the little window, and then click "OK"/"Save".( If you get a message saying that a file of this name already exists, click on "Cancel" and start the Process again from "Save as" above. Then in the new window click on the file name at the bottom and change it to something you'll remember. Now click "Save" again, etc.

This saves the file as a smaller JPEG file (compressed) in the same place as you saved the original file. You should now be able to attach it to your e-mail to me.

If this didn't work, please phone or e-mail me.