Photo retouching is where parts of the image are changed to correct the image, whereas photo enhancement improves what is already there. There are many ways I can make an image better and often it is not as expensive as people think. Changing the density or colour balance may only take 10 minutes; to remove the woman from the landscape, shown below, only took 20 minutes. So many worthwhile jobs might only cost between ten and twenty pounds. Here's just a few examples of how I can improve pictures you may think unusable:

Colour in Black & White You can make a product stand out from detailed surroundings by changing those surroundings into Black and White, or a monochrome image with a tint over it. The subject of the image is kept in full colour. I aim to rescue an ineffective image and so save any re-shoot costs.

Before and after photos with main subject highlighted.

Wrinkle removal Do you have a portrait where you'd like to lose a few wrinkles? If you have the digital file of that portrait, I can remove some or all of them - but sadly only photographically!! With any portraits that I take, I always offer this service. With modern software it does not take as long as you'd think.

Before and after pics of Wrinkle Removal service

Product colour change. Maybe you want to change the colour of one of your products. For much less than the cost of a respray, I can show you what it would look like. You may have a short list of colours or need to change just one of several colours. With pictures of what you have planned, a decision is easy, quick and reliable.

Before and after photos showing product colour change.

Cluttered background. Some shots are just not as you want them to be. As you can see, the client has not paid for a professional studio shot but done a DIY job! Similar images might be taken at an exhibition surrounded by other stands or be of a very large immovable object. With this image. I cut-out the motorbike, dropped it into a digitally created studio and added a shadow.

Before and after photos of subject cutout from background and new background added.

Something unwanted in the picture. Even though it might hurt her feelings, this is a nicer landscape without her. Another example might be a new factory photo but the skip in the front car park hadn't been collected, and so is still in the shot. Depending on what is hidden behind the unwanted item, I can often recreate it and so rescue an unusable picture.

Before and after photos with unwanted subject removed.

Picture too dark. It is surprising how much detail is held in an image that looks very dark. However if you just "lighten" the image, the black areas go grey and the white ones lose detail. I can usually optimise all tones to save a once thought useless picture. However, if the image is too light with pure white areas in it, then there is usually very little I can do to improve it.

Before and after photos of dark picture lightened.